Class Description

20-20-20- Combination of cardio, strength, and body weight workouts. Mixing it up between circuit training, tabata training, weight training, & core exercises. If you want variety to jump start your weekend give this one a try!

Aqua Cardio Blast- Fast paced cardiovascular workout with muscle conditioning exercises.

Aqua Cardio Workout- Any ability welcome with modifications available. Maintain target heart rate in this cardio class.

Aqua Kick- Get revved up in this high energy water workout. Emphasis on balance and strength at an accelerated pace.

Aqua Movers- Get moving in the water. Warm up and improve both cardio and strength using dumbbells & noodles. 

Arthritis Stretch- Decrease pain & stiffness while improving joint flexibility & range of motion - gentle stretching exercises. 

Bodies in Motion- Total body workout with cardiovascular and muscle conditioning exercises.

Burn- Get your heart racing and muscles burning in this 45 minute total body workout.

Deep Water Workout- Use of flotation device to “jog” in the water. Low impact with little impact to knees and hips.

Gentle Aquacise- Slow progression to enhance flexibility, balance, and strength while keeping one foot on the bottom at all times. 1 level up from Arthritis Stretch.

Grounded Aquacise- Gradual progression to get into shape, such as non-swimmer, overweight, pre/post natal, post-op., arthritic or restricted in anyway. One foot is always on the ground.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)- 30 minutes of intense exercise followed by short rests. For all fitness levels.

Pilates- Tone, strengthen & increase flexibility in the abdominal muscles & back. Increase body-mind connection.

Silver Sneakers Circuit- Any fitness level welcome. Standing, low impact choreography alternated with standing upper-body strength work using hand-held weights. A chair is available for support.

Silver Sneakers Splash- Low impact aqua aerobics promoting fitness, friendship, and fun.

Social Swim- Come chat with friends while doing your own workout or just relaxing. This is not an organized class. 

Soft Aquacise- Warm up, aerobics, strengthening, & flexibility segments. Equipment will be used for extra resistance in the water. 

Spin- Taught in a group setting with an instructor that leads you through a challenging 45 minute ride.

Stomp – A very intense workout using balls, bands, step, poles & weights.

Strength & Tone- Stability ball with weights & tubes. 45-minute workout challenging all muscle groups.

Total Body Fitness- Cardio, sculpting, and strengthening. Real life functional movement patterns will be executed using weights in a FUN and creative way. 

Vinyasa Yoga- Gradual progressive movements from 1 pose into another in a smooth Vinyasa flow.

Yoga/Qigong- Aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and mediation with a focus on physical and mental discipline.​

Zumba – A fun energetic cardio workout.